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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 1, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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dogs, in the area. they have been out here for hours searching for clues. it began in hercules a week and half ago. here is the timeline. on august 22nd the police came to this home to break up the fight between two people, one who is dead and assigned the who is missing. the father and son rented a room at the house. on august 28th that have remained reported him missing. when police came to the house they found 73 year-old father and badly. be in and there was signs of the struggle. they filed murder charges against the son and told people to look out for it the way to escalate. there is now found the escalade about five minutes away from the house. they're searching for any
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signs of this one. they have a canine unit, copter surveiling the area. >> he is heavily involved with the investigation and he still is missing. we're concerned about his safety. >> we did ask police said they were able to find anything in the escalade, any signs of any struggle or anything like that and there were is no more information that they can tell us of the action on in that car. it was reported today that somebody noticed is sitting in the parking lot here that is justified its way from the house. meanwhile the search continues in this area. reporting live from berkeley is i'd christine connally for kron4 news much more is unfolding at this small appeared we're waiting for a news conference that is scheduled to begin in a few minutes and once it starts we'll bring it to life. our coverage continues on kron4 news as well as our web site as we continue to cover these multiple murders. take away the weather
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jacqueline >> it is caught in setting up there today. it is sunny skies and everywhere this afternoon the temperatures are definitely on the uprise. we're looking at widespread '90s and what one aide oakland, one out to a in livermore. the only place we're not seeing these temperatures are and have made a and coastline. we're 15 it degrees like we anticipated but it is going to be, it is a much more of a big change in san francisco. it is 19 degrees more warmer in san francisco is 30 degrees warmer have made bay. there is the least amount of change in in livermore because they were already hot out there yesterday. you look at the clear skies. there is no fault of their adult. it is going to stay clear and warm this evening. it is still hot tomorrow but no 100
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degree temperatures like we anticipated. it is still going to be a big warmup with 90s across the board. as we head into the weekend we are going to see some big changes with much cooler weather on tap. we will take a look at that. there is one to be a forecast of just it if you stay with us we'll be right back after this break. >> is a developing story with multiple orders. let us check in the news conference is about to be in. >> c r o s. hercules, michelle harrington and the spokesperson. >> excuse >> me> hercules. >> are going to give you all the information we have with the homicide and the officer involved shooting. right now we
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are having multiple agencies meeting right now to discuss what information we have to see what conditions are with efferent and regards to vallejo. i will speak about answering questions regarding the layout and the other things he was talking about. does anybody have questions? >> do you have any idea why? why they were killed in? >> we still working on the reasons. we know they are in connection with charles job. we have contacted the business and their is proper he might to taken off of the job site. but
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the motive is, we do not know. we know when we've located that chemicals they were in a stable state. they were not combined in the appropriate mixture >> can you elaborate on that? he was a construction worker? >> was a chemical engineer. >> where did he work? did he work for goodrich? >> i do not have the name of the business of hand. it was near fairfield. >> the see a subcontractor? >> i do have any information. >> part of the meeting today is to try and figure of what happened and again we do not have a modem at this point. as soon as we do we will provide that. >> when you talked at 11:00 a.m. >> i had more information now
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and is in regards to a hercule'' his plan to speak on a parallel let him cover it. >> will vallejo? >> we're still working on it. we have identified it (no audio) >> ok there is a problem with this signal right now involving both murders. the officers acknowledge, all, let us run again they're back on. >> (no audio) >> alright still some problems with this signal involving an news conference going on in hercules police and officers from vallejo. " we did hear the is that police are conducting a multi agency meeting try to connect the dots as they appear to the, relate to the suspect
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who was killed. there was a body found in his car last night in richmond and two women who were found dead it at home of the layout. officers are still try to tie the connections or the potential connections between the suspect in the two victims. this police conference is still continuing at we're monitoring the developments and our coverage will continue as well as on our website. we'll bring you the latest right after this break.
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let's rejoin the conference in progress. >> the death of mr. solomon's was with the vehicle of the same license plate number. was there a breakdown? nobody here new
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that they're looking for the same cry your looking for at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> i'm not sure i follow. >> should be easier to communicate through agencies? >> i met able to answer that. hercules was in contact with the label about the vehicle and was in contact we made the decision to have a press conference yesterday afternoon. the agencies were in communication and considering it was like hopis case that hercules stock with information only to our information. >> i know when we held a press conference yesterday at 4:00 we were in communication with vallejo pd. i'm not sure as far as what they do on this side by hercules pete was aware of it
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certain connection may have had. >> so at this point in time one of the things we did want to officially release today is the name of the female in the vehicle and that is indeed trained. she is the girlfriend of the suspect and he as you know shot and killed last night. cindy is see light and the why pete entranced t r a n. i'm sore one question at a time. she is 36 years old. she is bill then the and land border at the house where the homicide occurred. she is connected to this aspect of the up romantic relationship and she was the landlord as well as
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the third individual who rented rooms or. we do know at this point in time that she did not, she was killed two the prior at the end but we're not sure of the details surrounding her death. time will give us that one. she was not reported as a missing person and we did receive a report from a family member that she was kidnapped in the vehicle, the black acura was associated with her which is how officers were able to identify hurt and the suspect in pleasant town. we know that she was kidnapped probably until well and other than that we are not sure if she is a victim of hercules or she is at work for going to work. >> it was she kidnapped? >> it appears it was tuesday evening in the 7:00 hour at some
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point. >> is there a marriage that is connected to >> >> there was an altercation on august 22nd it was sunday between the victim riccardo and his son who is still missing at this time for a direct and a suspect. there was a dispute this possibly over the romantic relationship as they had dated cindy previously and they were boyfriend and girlfriend in that kind of relationship that she would say that as well sold there is the connection. we're not fully sure what the dispute was about on sunday but was somewhat related to the housing situation it were the romantic relationship. there apparently was some concern that it was
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believed that the suspect thought there was possibly something wrong with the father or son, whether it is unfounded or not is not really the issue at this point. i don't think i gave you a date of birth, i just said she was 46. there was a dispute on august 22nd that of all the victim, the victim's son and that a suspect. it was possibly over a concern by the suspect and there might have been something going on between the victim and his son and whether that is founded or not is not appearing in our investigation. it does seem to be the issue. >> what a police line? >> this morning there was a
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report of an abandoned vehicle in that vehicle has been proven to be the cadillac as clay that police were looking for yesterday and it was discovered and hercules this morning in the business park. officers are currently out there at that scene and they're working with search and rescue crews and considering that frederick is still missing there are conducting a solid research. i spoke with them and nothing has yet been discovered. >> we are very concerned about his welfare. he is very connected to both the homicide bit dumb as well as the suspect to slow we are greatly concerned. he has not been seen since saturday when his father was discovered. investigators would definitely like to speak with them. we believe that there was a fourth of loud music between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
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friday morning. it is actually if that happened during that time. friday morning. it is originally thought it is possibly friday evening but it has been confirmed it was in the morning. loud music at that kind of our could beat some sort of attached to a cover-up is something is happening. we do know that ricardo was bludgeoned to death set is obviously a violent form of murder. >> so she is kidnapped, do you know >> where> i do not have any more details about where she was action kidnapped of the layout but we do know that she had a job out here. we do not have the job position information right now. she lived in her place. sergeant has more of those
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details. she was the owner of the home as well as the landlord. >> to the have and ethnicity? >> she is asian at this time. >> when did they know they're looking for the white escalade it? >> i do have those details but we do know that the suspect was seen at some point driving a cadillac as far as for when the license plate was matched with the missing female i do not know the exact time line on that. >> when you start looking for the escalate? >> we officially announced at tuesday at 430 or 4:00. >> is there a possibility that a woman even though they were found in the vallejo home are they out side of your jurisdiction
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>> we do not any information that that occurred. again, the autopsy tells us how they were killed. we're looking for additional information >> does this indicate the murders happened there? >> i don't have any information. we're going into assumption and now that the murders may have taken place were relocated to the bodies. >> to me know when the action took place yet? >> the body has been decomposed to bodies have been sitting at for a while. the tops you give us a better time line. >> can you tell us more than it was reported to the layout, were you on that? >> mr. ephron and mystery and in
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this city of the layout, and he then put her in the vehicle, her vehicle and kidnapped her and the information we have right now is that she was no contact for the relative said ephron had taken her at forced, they contacted us and the police department had some information that was delayed from her colleagues and their actual tracking vehicle. at which point that pd was notified and the surging to give you more information on that. >> one body was found >> what time was that at?
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>> i believe it was early evening hours. >> the answer was that. >> early evening hours. after she called her relatives. >> i'm sorry >> > will boast 158 rose >> and they tell us again to define the two missing women at the same time and when was that. >> been reported his wife missing saturday evening and charles remington from the police department on the early mornings on sunday. >> i did the owners of the cadillac escalators is the other one? >> the cadillac escalade belongs to percuss. is that correct?
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>> yes. >> does she know the men from the home give any information on that? >> does anybody have any questions in regards to sandy. >> you describe that the bodies were found in response to the there's two bodies in the house. >> what i can say is that when he was confronted with the fact that bodies were located we do believe that he may have been involved and he did not react in a way that a normal person would react. >> and when can >> keep reacted in normal person would react. >> but at a neighbor's expected to come back? >> you of the listening to a joint news conference with the layout of hercules and there's also a representative from the c
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h c. this is all connected to an incident that happened last night with a high-speed chase where an officer killed a suspect whose name is ephron and inside the car that he was driving was a female body, it said each man found dead. we're going to continue to follow this story but we're glad to take a quick break and wrap up the many details of these multiple murders including this joint news conference with police as our team coverage continues.
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live from the bay area musician this is kron4 news @ score 30. >> 0430 developing nations there are three bay area cities investigating multiple murders. they just wrapped up a conference believing that all of those murders can be connected. it is suspect efferent the they want to know what heas